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Car Profile: ’53 Chevrolet 3600 Series Pickup

We like new things, especially when they're old!


Discovering a “diamond in the rough” is a great find. This ’53 Chevrolet 3600 series was found behind a cafe in Walker, California. All equipment was original, minus the rear bumper.

After buying this truck and hauling her home we began to investigate the contents of the glove compartment. The history of this old workhorse started to unfold with an amazing story. We found a log book kept by the farmer who bought his new truck in Gardnerville, Nevada. This dealership, C.O.D., is the oldest dealership still operating in the U.S. The logbook revealed that it's original owner averaged a mere 500 miles a year. When we finally looked at the odometer, the picture was clear...11,620 original miles. We also found work orders dating back 10-20 years ago testifying to the actual milage on the odometer.

As the dismantling began, more information about its history continued to unfold. A year after the trucks purchase the owner acquired two tickets to the Hollywood productions of “Mister Roberts” and “HMS Pinafore” at the Carousel Theatre. Evidently he never made it, as we found the unused tickets under the gas tank. Our treasure trove also contained a newly opened pack of unfiltered Phillip Morris cigarettes.

The truck also experienced a set back last year when we were about to go to its first show at the Lakeside Inn. After only four miles on a freshly rebuilt engine, it spun a bearing and seized up! Well, a year later, we're on the road again, putting highway miles on her instead of farm miles. By the way, the shocks are original equipment and still works just fine...not bad!

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