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Car Profile: ’55 Chevrolet Gasser



This project started when I noticed that I had 95% of the parts needed to build a car just sitting around in my shop. All I really needed was a rolling body. As it happened I acquired a ’210 ’55 Chevy just left to rot. I came up with the idea of building an old school "Gasser." I’d build it out of all my extra parts after building six other cars. I even had a GM straight axle on hand.

As it turned out this has been the coolest project to date! This celebrates the memory of my high school days, when I was eighteen and building my first car. We just had parts, but no money. All my buddies and I wanted was a car that would go fast, stop quick. Who cared what it looked like?

It was necesssary to only buy a few parts to put it all together: Tunnel Ram, roll-cage, new floor pans and 9" Ford rear-end.

It kind of looks like a "Rat-Rod" but it's now a "Rat-Race." There goes ALLEY OOP!! He's a mean go getter.

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